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Joshua Isbell

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My name is Joshua Isbell.


I am a writer, an old soul with a loud mouth, with opinionated proclivities. As a writer and humanitarian, I am very passionate about the connections between human rights, society, humanity, philosophy, psychology and politics.

A Bit About Me

I have always had a passion for the written word (or typed). The ability to use the mind and come up with complex ideas and actually illustrate those ideas physically or verbally, amazes me. We have such an ability and when you look around, it's terribly disappointing, how some people use their ability.

Whether or not I am using my ability to come up with a thought, properly, is up to others. I may be misguided in my beliefs or my thoughts, but I will never see the other side, if I do nothing.

I generally wrote fiction without "meaning" or something behind it for a long time. After my second or third op-ed for a paper was "respectfully declined", I decided to stand up. Write what I care about and maybe spread something. That lead to Power & Influence.

I also enjoy working, being around animals, listening to music, watching films/TV shows that are off the beaten path as well as reading anything I can get my hands on!

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