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Author's Note

Hello, my name is Joshua. I go by Josh, mainly. Wonderful to meet you.
I would like to continue into a few particularly important pieces of information before we go on. If you skip this, well, that is Ok!

I hold a firm belief that everyone on this planet (and any other) has a special place. Whether it is publicly broadcast or not. Everyone is special and should be treated like any other; with respect, kindness, care, love, and an open mind, and… I almost forgot (not really) an open heart!
I would discourage no one’s opinion because it does not align with mine. Just reread that back cover for me. I am no better than anyone else, whether they agree is a matter of opinion. Haha.
I love everyone and treat everyone with respect. If you do not agree with me or I do not agree with you (see what I did there), I will always respect you and it just means we get to talk a little longer. Yay! Anyone who meets me knows I love to talk, share a story of a person who died decades ago, and have a good laugh.

I believe in love, peace, joy and lifting people up. Not hate, bigotry, discouragement and above all divisions. I respect Abraham Lincoln’s words in that regard.

One of the most cherished comments I have ever received was the observation that I act older than my age. Specifically, “you are the oldest young person I have ever met.” This may seem like a small token, but I enjoyed it because of my dislike of labels to cast quick judgements and put people in boxes. Then again, it may be because of the thinning hairline, the love of Casablanca, Alfred Hitchcock, with a little Abbott and Costello sprinkled on top. Maybe it is the playlists filled with David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Louis Armstrong. The 64 hours’ worth of Sherlock Holmes on audible. The world may never know (*shoulder shrug*).

I believe it is our decisions, actions, treatment of others and outspokenness that defines us. It is not for an unseen deity, control, the past, a still tongue and especially not another person who believes themselves more knowledgeable (*eye roll*) to decide who we are or take credit for our own achievements.

Please follow me with an open mind, a kind heart, and I am sure we will be the best of friends. The world always needs a little more friendship.

Now that I am done blabbering along, let us move along!

If not, then please go watch Psycho, Vertigo, Casablanca, Psych, Monk, The Office and hmm...Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Breakfast Club, Les Misérables and so much more. ‘7 into 21, 13 times’, ‘who’s on first’ and ‘loafing’ are also a good time.