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A new planet is trying to build off the remains of a supposedly trapped society. Their captain takes over, as their leader and tyrant king. His rule transpires death, decay, and broken hopes. Meanwhile, chosen allies try to save others, but fail at every turn. They fend off his constant threats; he shows they are not just words. Sending his metallic army to do his bidding, as they fight.

The simple mistake was forcing to have children. They become two bright lights that move to shape a new world. Arthur, his best friend Philip, sister Maria, and the King's traitorous men, battle the works of a broken society and its leader. Hoping to make a world filled with hope, love, freedom, and a proper moral compass.

About the Author

About Me

Joshua Isbell

My name is Joshua, and writing is my passion. Whenever I get an idea, I just start typing. I cannot remember when it started, but the love of creating something from nothing with just the simplistic means of typing with fingers and thumbs on a phone or computer is an amazing feeling.
Stories that include murder and mayhem, love and joy, knowledge and power. An entire world of possibilities with just words. Coming up with the right ones may take four or five trips around the block, but they tend to iron themselves out with the process.
I believe that anyone that has an active imagination or a brain full of fun facts, can jot down some quick words and make it a masterpiece. Maybe not a masterpiece for the world to enjoy. However, in my view that is not the point of writing. It is not to be famous or rich for me. It is to spread something new with my words, spark ideas and thoughts, and with Power & Influence, create a solid argument on how I may be wrong. Dead wrong sometimes or misguided.
The best part of that is the ability for someone else to teach me something new or give me a fresh perspective. After all, writing, reading, and speaking can be left up to interpretation and constructive reasoning.
If it is fiction, you can get away with being wrong, luckily (wink).
I am truly impressed by the effect writing can have on people. I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the logic, thought, ideology, and meaning of topics/feelings, I see worth writing about.
Finally, I am a curious and proactive author, interested in preserving the foundations set through history by adapting them to modern ideas and themes.


Breakdown of Power & Influence
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Power & Incluence

Power -  Part I - Tyranny

Control and Fear under King Moriss' control.

There is no law to maintain order, so there is murder, theft, people lying hungry and cold in the wet streets. Rebels homes are burned or taken over by the King's men. There are no hospitals, and therefore no vaccines, medicines, cures or progress to save lives. The King controls the militia, the men, the women, and the children. The King controls the cities food and water from the farms and the sea. If they argue or disagree, it may be the last thing they ever do. No one is safe and no one is happy.

Tyranny is the name of the game and for many years there is no hope in sight.

"Mind yourselves, and you shall all remain alive."

-King Moriss

Influence -  Part II  - Assembly


Establishing definitions of freedom, equality, and unity.

In order for the new country to go forth properly, City-States are founded, laws are defined, and schools and hospital built. Resurrecting old technology and bringing back a world that encompasses the best for everyone and not the few.

"If you ask your neighbor what he wants, they will tell you. If a government that persecutes and diminishes their rights asks what they want, they will answer as the government sees fit. This is not to be allowed."

-Philip Hamill

"We are to be leaders, not puppeteers."

-Arthur Moriss

Influence -  Part III - Virtue

A Fresh Start

Arthur Moriss, his sister, best-friend Philip and their movement, are now in charge. He takes the post because he must and finds he holds it well. Even before the fall of King Moriss, it is evident that Arthur is the person who can lead the new world to order. His sister, Maria, and best friend, Philip, stand ready with their people. Previously hidden away under their father, they can now spread their message far and wide. Without sneaking in the night and trying to spread hope in the people by candlelight. Moriss can rectify its mistakes and pave a new future in spite of them.


Their message: Love, peace, and unity.

Influence -  Part IV - Open-Ended Arguments

Open-Ended Arguments

A few final thoughts.

The Reason
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The Reason

First off, am I the only one that read, THE REASON, and finished the lyric, "... is you", in my head?
Probably. Anyway, back to Power & Influence's, Influence.
Due to a love of writing, world history and an opinionated mind, I wanted to create a book to incorporate these principles.

Main Idea:
Showing the creation of power, control, liberty and the workings of a fair and useful government alongside the actions of a developing society.
I wanted to show the building and the workings of a community with freedom, liberty, and justice. Starting with a tyrannical King, with fair and just people around him who, with help, would take up the challenge to repair the effects of his destruction.

Rather than a long drawn out timeline, I split the into three parts and chapters encompassing situations/topics within their society.

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